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New review and musings on guests

We were pleased to welcome Talya, writer of the blog From Georgia To Germany at our last supper club. She's written a lovely review of her experience with us which you can view here.


Although the quality of our food is very important to us (and we're glad Talya enjoyed it) we're really pleased that she picks up more on the socialising quality of the events. This is something that really is unique to supperclubs - you get thrown into meeting new people and form relationships that last beyond the evening.


This Wednesday, Tobias and I are going to eat Caribbean kingfish with a previous guest and are looking forward to a barbeque later in the month with another. We've been to several other parties hosted by former guests as well. 


Suzy (AKA the Foodie in Berlin) has previously written about going on to discover authentic Chinese food in Berlin with a fellow guest. We were also delighted to participate in the second installment of the Berlin Cooking Club last week, set up by fellow supperclub hosts Kelsie and Mel of Travels with My Fork, whom we would never have met if not for our respective supperclubs.


And many guests who come to us subsequently go on to befriend us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, and it is fascinating to see just how many of them befriend each other as well.


We get asked a lot if we ever get rude or unpleasant guests, or if we find it hard to open our home to strangers. The answer is no.


I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of guests who we've found difficult. We've had a couple of groups of people who were perfectly nice, but reluctant to socialise outside of the people with whom they came. However, the vast majority are enthusiastic, warm, friendly and eager to meet new people.


This has been one of the most heartwarming discoveries of our supperclub experience: that almost everyone has been so nice and also so interesting to talk to. We always try and think well of people, but we have to say a big thank-you to all our previous guests for making it so easy!



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