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frequently asked questions


Where is the Thyme Supper Club?

Thyme Supper Club is hosted in a private residence in the Winsviertel, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, easily accessible by public transport. We will contact you with the full address and directions a few days before the event.

Are you professional chefs?

No. We are keen amateur cooks with years of experience entertaining guests in our own home.

What do you cook?

The menu is different on every occasion. There are usually canapés, 6 courses and petit fours. Some samples of recent menus we have cooked for guests can be found here.

What if I'm vegetarian, or have a food allergy?

Thyme Supper Club is able to cater for special food requirements, but we must be informed in advance. You must let us know at the time of booking if any member of the party does not eat particular ingredients as it may not be possible to make alterations on the night.

Is your food organic/free-range/fairly traded?

Our shopping philosophy and personal guidelines on buying food can be found here.

What about drinks?

An aperitif, coffee after dinner and water (from the tap) throughout the meal are all provided. We will also offer a wine tasting menu to accompany the menu, or individual glasses can be ordered in the regular fashion.

How many guests will you have?

A minimum of 6, a maximum of 18.

Is it all right to come by myself?

Yes. We seat guests on large tables, so it is a good opportunity to meet new people. The atmosphere is more like a dinner party than a restaurant.

Who are your guests?

An international mix of people, usually in their 20's, 30's or 40's. We usually have native speakers of both English and German and frequently other languages as well.

How much does it cost?

We are not a restaurant and we will not present you with a bill at the end of the evening. Instead we recommend a sum that you can donate in compensation for your meal. All donations are voluntary and made on the night rather than in advance. You will be at liberty to leave a smaller donation (or nothing at all) if you did not feel the experience was worth our suggested amount.


What is your cancellation policy?

We only accept bookings up to a maximum of 18 people. Short-notice cancellations or people booking and not turning up greatly inconvenience both Thyme Supper Club and its customers. We may have turned other customers away if we were fully booked. We may have already bought expensive ingredients for a dish to be prepared in advance. If you need to cancel, please give us plenty of notice.


Can I bring my children?

Thyme Supperclub is not primarily intended for children but we are happy to welcome young people with an interest in food and the dining experience. We regret that we do not have the facilities to cater for infants and young children.

Am I allowed to smoke?

Not inside, but we have a balcony where smoking is permitted.


For general questions about supperclub etiquette, Simon Doggett has an interesting blog post here.